Life is a journey. But these days, life has become a race. Living in the fast lane can take its toll. This non-stop lifestyle has given rise to critical illnesses like Cancer, Cardiovascular conditions and many more. These diseases pressurize families, not just emotionally, but financially as well. Which is why we made DHFL Pramerica Life Cancer+Heart Shield. A plan with myriad options, it provides extensive coverage against a number of critical diseases. Insuring you against Cancer, Heart (Cardiovascular) related conditions/procedures and 26 other illnesses, so that your pace never slows even when life itself gets in your way.

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DHFL Pramerica Life Cancer + Heart Shield: UIN No. 140N057V01. Goods & Service Tax will be charged over and above the quoted premium. For more details on risk factors and terms & conditions including policy exclusion, please refer to the detailed plan brochure and policy terms and conditions before concluding a sale.